Pompeii Herculaneum And Mount Vesuvius

Starting Time

08.30 am


Full Day Tour (8 Hours)

Max Travellers

from 1 to up 8


The Pompei Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius tour is a customized tour, where your private driver will meet you in the hotel lobby/private villa or apartament and he will proceed to make your day a memorable experience. Your private driver will start making you enjoying the highlights of the bay of Naples, the majestic views of the Mt. Vesuvius and the islands of Capri.

Mount Vesuvius

It's a great idea to visit the famous archeological site combined to climb on the top of the Mt Vesuvius to understand well the eruption of 79 AD and how Pompeii was destroyed. Once you will get on the top, your private driver will drop you off almost on the top of The volcano, located in the Vesuvio National Park, flourishing of flora and fauna where are produced the best quality of vegetables, nuts and vineyards of the Campania region. Your private driver will continue the journey driving to reach the top of the Mt Vesuvius, but He will drop you off just before. Infact  last 200mt (650feet) you will have mandatory to walk infact it’s not allowed to get there by car. So you 'll have to walk to reach the crater where you'll have a breathtaking view of the bay of Naples with its islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida.

So after 1, 1/5 hours you will meet your driver where He dropped you off to go directly to Pompei where you are going to meet your private tour guide ( It’s prefereble in case you want to book it, to just let us know in advance).


R Once we arrive, you can decide to hire an English speaking tour guide, who will show you around the ruins for two hours, focusing on the main spots, ensuring you to see the most important sites – it may be hard to believe for a first visit, but Pompeii is huge. You can for sure understand how the volcanic eruption preserved the city of Pompeii so well during the years, because it was covered for over 1600 years.

It is an amazing experience to see how the Romans use to live two thousand years ago, it’s for sure a memorable experience that you will bring in your mind forever.

After visiting the ancient city of Pompeii, we will go for lunch at a nearby winery, literally five minutes drive, where you will be able to try a selection of local authentic wines matched with local food made by a great chef.   Before or after the wine testing /lunch , you will able to visit the winery by a private escort tour where you can understand the wine productions, all the wine the different wine selection, where they are made , the history of the winery and see all the property, located exactly where the ruins of Pompeii where discovered the first time.


After that, your private driver will drive you to Herculaneum, to visit this other archaeological site for 1 hour.

This city, just like Pompeii, was at the same time destroied and preserved by the disaster. Pyroclastic flows covered Herculaneum with a mountain of boiling ash, hiding the remains of the ancient city 70 feet underground.

Today, almost 2000 years later, the charm of Herculaneum is still intact. The city was a residential spot for wealthy people. Smaller but richer than Pompeii. Traces of the affluence of the ancient Herculaneum are still visible in the original style and in the elegant decoration of the private houses. Herculaneum is different than Pompeii also for the state of preservation. The two cities were destroyed by the same eruption but the effects were not alike. Visiting Herculaneum is the best way to take an intimate look at the lifestyle of the rich in the ancient Roman world.

After the visit, your private driver will drive you straight to your spot.

Included: air conditioner, Mercedes vehicle, all fuel, parking, highway tolls, licensed English speaking driver.

Not Included : lunch and entrance fees where required.

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